Reformed Government

Polly Ha, Chief Editor

Jonathan D. Moore and Edda Frankot, Assistant Editors

John Morrill and Chad van Dixhoorn, Consulting Editors

Oxford University Press, 2022

A critical edition of an early modern scribal publication providing the most comprehensive set of arguments to counter Hooker’s Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity and other anti-puritan works of the late sixteenth century. This edition will shed light on the puritans’ political and ecclesiastical views in late Elizabethan England, including introductory essays on ‘Rewriting the Elizabethan Civil Wars of Religion’, ‘Hooker, Machiavelli, and the Puritan Response to Permissible Change’, and ‘Leveraging Historical Contingency in the Church of England and Christian Antiquity’.  Oxford University Press.

 “This is gold dust.”

“[The] introductory chapters…make a striking and significant contribution to the history of ideas and to the ecclesiastical history of the early modern period – they are, in effect, a monograph in their own right.”

“A first-rate exercise in archival recovery, editing and historical scholarship. The edition promises to become a standard source.”

–Oxford University Press Review

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