Innovation & Change

In March 2021 I will be giving a lecture on ‘Revolutionary Change’ and its long term impact in seventeenth century England at the Princeton Shelby Cullom Davis Center.

The Reformed Government is in press, and will shed new light on debate over historical, ecclesiastical, and broader intellectual and social change in antiquity and early modern society.

Speaking for Mayflower 400 events will include The British Library public panel (Sept 2020), keynote lecture for the Society for Reformation Studies, the Historical Association lectures series in Taunton (Dec 2020), and the Mayflower400 DVD.

My graduate seminar on Coping with Change addresses how men and women thought about and adapted to rapid change in early modern Britain and the British Atlantic world.

I recently spoke on the ethics of Intellectual and Ecclesiastical Innovation in London (February 2018) and Cambridge (April 2018).

My public lecture for the Warwickshire Historical Society addressed “Trolling: An Elizabethan Invention?” (April 2018). Lovely audience. Lovely to deliver this in Shakespeare’s Warwick.

Freedom & Religion

In October 2019 I spoke at The Newcastle Literary and Philosophical Society and Conference on Civil Religion: From Antiquity to Enlightenment.

I was invited to give a keynote lecture at the 400th Anniversary of the Synod of Dort in November 2018 in the city of Dordrecht.

The Puritans on Independence appeared with Oxford University Press in October 2017.

independance - Polly Ha

I am director of an AHRC funded project which exploits new manuscripts on some of the earliest debates over independence in the English-speaking world.  The project also explores the global history of independence and its implications for religious freedom.  The project is based at the University of East Anglia in collaboration with The Jefferson Foundation and Trinity College Dublin.


In 2014 I was invited to participate in an international research group on ‘Toleration in the Modern World.’  The project is an initiative of the Lichtenberg Kolleg, the Göttingen Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities and Social Sciences, and the Herzog August Bibliothek, one of Europe’s finest Renaissance and Reformation libraries.

Freedom in Europe - Polly Ha

Core member of the Freedom and Construction of Europe project in Florence, Italy funded by the Balzan Foundation and directed by Quentin Skinner and Martin van Gelderen. My chapter on The Freedom of Consent appeared in 2013. “A truly world-class team of contributors assembled by two of the world’s leading historians of ideas.” 


My article on ‘Religious Toleration in Revolutionary Britain, Bermuda and the Bahamas’ appeared in Church History in 2015.

Global, Atlantic & Reception Studies

godly globalization - Polly Ha

My journal article ‘Godly Globalization: British Calvinism in Bermuda’ appeared in The Journal of Ecclesiastical History in 2015.

conflict-resolution-conflict - Polly Ha

In September 2013 I chaired a session on diplomacy in British America for the British Group of Early American Historians Conference ‘Conflict-Resolution-Conflict.’

puritan conciliarism - Polly Ha

My article on ‘Puritan Conciliarism: Why Walter Travers read Bullinger’s De Conciliis’ appeared in The Sixteenth Century Journal in 2010.

reformation and the uses of reception

For an overview of the uses of reception studies in Reformation history see my introduction to The Reception of Continental Reformation in Britain (Oxford University Press).

Marginalized Identities & Religious Dissent


In 2009 I was a member of the Insular Christianity project directed by Robert Armstrong and Tadhg OhAnnrachain and contributed a chapter on ‘Genevan Jesuits’.

odentities in transformation - Polly Ha

In March 2014 I gave one of the lectures in the Transformative Periphery Lectures series at the Long Room Hub, Trinity College Dublin.  This lecture was given in relation to the research carried out during my Visiting Fellowship from 2012-13.

The dissenting experience - Polly Ha

I am on the Board of Advisors for the Dissenting Experience project.  My chapter on the Freedom of Association is currently in press (Oxford University Press). The project is based at Aix Marseille Universite and Dr Williams Library, led by Anne Dunan-Page, Michael Davies and Joel Halcomb.


My chapter on “Spiritual Treason and the Politics of Intercession” appeared in a collection of essays edited by Crawford Gribbon and Scott Spurlock (Palgrave 2016).

The Oxford handbook of protestant dissenting traditions - Polly Ha

My essay on Elizabethan and early Stuart Presbyterianism for the Oxford Handbook of Protestant Dissenting Traditions (ed. John Coffey) is currently in press.

the reception of continental reformation - Polly Ha

This volume brings together reformation and reception studies by exploring the relationship between reformations on the European continent and in Britain…Read more

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