“Exemplary and impressive.”

“Engaging [whilst] never offering anything less than first-rate scholarship and intellectual debate.”

“Fascinating Keynote- it held the audience.”

“Polly [speaks] clearly and passionately, making every effort to address and engage the entire audience.”

“Very engaging, immediately relevant, and provided much food for thought.”

“Ha is very effective in presenting a political overview efficiently, and diving into episodes that allow her to flag debates among historians.”



“One of the most challenging and one of the most enjoyable modules that I have taken.”

“Her passion and enthusiasm are contagious.”

“Equipped me to do better not just in academics, but in life.”

“Exceeded my expectations and I couldn’t have asked for more.”

“Excellent and really interesting approach to the subject.”

“My perspective really changed and [she] has been really motivating and encouraging. I’m more proactive now.”

“Polly’s enthusiasm really shows and it helps make me motivated and interested in the topic and ask more questions.”

“Dr Ha is very good at stimulating conversation. I’m very grateful for her dedication and enthusiasm towards the subject (and the ability to transfer that same dedication and enthusiasm for history to her students).”

“I’ve engaged more fully (and gone more in depth) with the available research than I have in any other module.”

“Great insight into research that is currently taking place for this period.  Each week [is] exciting and stimulating.”

“Extremely helpful.”




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